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Time to Update Your Website

Small business owners should take stock of the most basic digital asset: your website

If it has been 2 years or more since you last breathed any life into your website, it is time for an upgrade.

Consider these elements a “must-have” for your business website:

  • Up to date contact information so you can be found quickly .
  • A  customer comment feature, and/or  call to action  that encourages  a dialogue between you and your customers.
  • A mobile optimized site – 61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call according to Google.

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Build Sales with Testimonials

What are you doing to attract new customers? Consider the power of testimonials on your website. Word of mouth marketing is the key to establishing trust with a new customer.

Whether you refer to testimonials as Customer Stories, Rave Reviews, or Appreciation, consider seeking  feedback from your loyal fans for your website.

A good testimonial creates a meaningful connection that inspires action. Read more