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Build Sales with Testimonials

What are you doing to attract new customers? Consider the power of testimonials on your website. Word of mouth marketing is the key to establishing trust with a new customer.

Whether you refer to testimonials as Customer Stories, Rave Reviews, or Appreciation, consider seeking  feedback from your loyal fans for your website.

A good testimonial creates a meaningful connection that inspires action.

Think of your customers in human terms:  initially they must FIND you, next they must LIKE you, and finally they must TRUST you.  This definition originates from the book Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch.  Establishing that bond is often difficult because your website lacks a “connection” for your product or service.

A great testimonial has 2 essential ingredients.  First, a fan who loves doing business with you and has a story to share about your company.  And second, that fan has a clear definition of how your brand or service transformed them.  Their experience with you made their life simpler in ways they can describe.

Begin now. Start to gather customer feedback in a structured fashion.  Call 2 customers a day for a week. Thank them for their business.  Ask them how your product or service helped them, and what they liked best about buying from you.  This is called primary market research.  If you receive something other than a positive response,  best to focus on improvement. Don’t delegate this task.  This is your business and as the owner, customers are impressed you took the time to call and ask for an opinion.

Let’s assume you have a happy band of fabulously loyal customers.  Showcase their feedback on your website.  Social influence creates a connection.  And a connection may lead to a new sale.

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