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Invest in Your Career in 5 Steps

If you have a job, you might not be thinking about your career. Having a good job today doesn’t guarantee you will have one tomorrow. You might  transition to a new role or jump into a new field or  industry. Perhaps you are moving on to unfamiliar territory. Whatever your current path, consider these steps to invest in your career:

Learn  how to be indispensable to your employer. An intrapreneur figures out how to turn an idea into a profitable product or service   When there is no rule book,  can you figure out the problem and suggest a constructive solution?  Become the solution provider.  You add value to your team and co-workers when you are seen as a problem solver.  Common sense is not negotiable. Be uncommon.

Determine your strengths.  Use them effectively to negotiate a new opportunity or environment.  Share your unique value with the world, and continuously hone your skills.  Add value by taking good communication skills seriously.  Master the art of speaking effectively and expressing ideas clearly.

Invest in the right relationships and broaden your base of support.  Create a personal advisory board to provide feedback and perspective.  Work up and down the company ladder to establish relationships based on authentic interest.  You are building your base of fans whenever you create a meaningful connection.

Commit to continual learning.  Build a beautiful mind. Determine what is important to learn. Then seek out your own “do-it-yourself” education.  Information is delivered at warp speed.  Curate insights, not data.  Define what skills you need to build your knowledge base and self educate.

Cultivate your social IQ.  Seek to understand the social relationships and your environment. Broaden your influence in your network by demonstrating trust and authority.

Moving forward requires laser focus on your goals. Rise and shine,  move forward with confidence.  Investing in your career is good business for you no matter where you are headed!

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